about ling ling massage

Hi my name is Ling Ling and welcome to my website. I am a fully qualified massage therapist. After many years of practicing as an amateur, I turned professional as I have discovered that I have the passion and sensitivity for touch by communicating these through massage.

I am inspired using both Western and Eastern style approach to massages which I learned as a child from my oriental heritage. My work gives me a sense of satisfaction and always a challenge. My aim is to offer you a state of total relaxation and peace.

the massage studio

Presented as a traditional Asian interior with serene ambiance that will whisk you away from the bustle of the city. Specially selected oils, scented or unscented are used. There is an ensuite shower facility and dressing room for your own personal use and privacy.

experience the healing wonders of touch….

“Indulge your body and mind with a wonderful sensation of massage by blending Hawaiian-style strokes using long and gentle rhythmic grace using full body techniques leaving you feeling ultimately relaxed and renewed. It is a beautiful way to a lasting sense of total well-being and vitality.”

ling ling