frequently asked questions

how long does a massage treatment last?
The minimum for a proper massage is 1 hour to give you
time to completely relax.

what do I wear during the massage?
Undress to your own comfort level.

do you offer other services than massage?
No. I do not offer sexual services of any kind.  I offer a professional
massage only for the purposes of relaxation.

do you accept Credit Cards?
Yes, and online via PayPal. I also accept cash payments, but not cheques.

are same day appointments available?
I recommend you make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance to
ensure availability.

what do I do during the massage?
Nothing. This is your time to just lie back, make yourself
comfortable and enjoy.

do I need to sign a consent form?
Yes to help me give you the best massage according to
your needs and so that I know of any medical conditions.
All information is kept strictly confidential.