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Payment methods: Credit card / debit card online or in person at the studio or cash

If you choose to pay online and do not have a PayPal account please select the option to checkout as a guest. When you have paid you will soon receive a receipt by email. Please then call or text 07974 169 259 or email to request an appointment. Thank you.

    Sample these unique Eastern lnfused Massages 

    swedish massage

    • treatment time: 60 minutes
      the ideal prelude to massage…
      Price £50.00
    • treatment time: 90 minutes
      the optimum time for relaxing…
      Price £75.00

    ling massage

    • treatment time: 60 minutes
      bespoke and exclusively created for your stress-melting satisfaction
      Price £70.00

    herbal hot massage

    • treatment time: 60 minutes
      a truly holistic ancient treatment that
      calms body and senses
      Price £60.00

    thai foot massage

    • treatment time: 30 minutes
      give your feet and legs the attention they
      deserve. soothing and uplifting…
      Price £35.00

    seated acupressure massage

    • treatment time: 15-20 minutes
      a treatment that is dynamic and
      get results fast! …
      Price £25.00


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