Eastern swedish / deep tissue massage

known in the Western world as “classic” massage which I fuse with Asian techniques.
This treatment will nurture your soul and restore your body by improving blood
circulation, soothing tense muscles and allowing your energies to flow. This head to
toe massage attunes your senses and is designed to ease common body aches and
pains while balancing your body’s energy. Begin your rejuvenation and be whole
again. more info >

Express Full Back Body Massage

This starts from head, back, shoulders, hamstrings, down to your toes! Short but powerfully stress relieving.

Thai herbal hot massage

this indulgent massage uses herbal leaves and spices placed in a muslin cloth to create
massage pouches or what I call dumplings steamed and then systematically placed on
areas of the body to provide deeply relaxing, penetrating warmth while stimulating the
body to detoxify. These herbs have invigorating aromas and have medicinal properties
that relieve tensions, purifies, improve respiration and invigorates the body as well as
the senses. more info >

Ling massage

enter a very deep state of relaxation as you surrender your mind and body to this
experience. Ling sweeps the entire body like a synchronized dance with seamlessly
detailed moves of feather light, firm, medium to deep pressures relieving tension and
emotional stress. Gentle rocking movements, stretches and nurturing support with
Ling convey to the receiver the peace and simplicity of this connection of
Mind-Body-Spirit. Above all, Ling Massage is luxurious, deeply relaxing, guided by a
philosophy of gentleness and complete acceptance. more info >

Thai foot massage

one of the most likely relaxing treats you can reward yourself. Foot reflexology is a
pressure therapy that involves hands-on stretching and massage to open Sen (energy)
Lines to marma reflex points located on the soles of the feet using a bamboo stick.
This includes massage on the lower legs to ease aching muscle and calves. It
promotes general health. Feel the soothing effect it brings to the whole body.
more info >

Seated acupressure massage

this Japanese form of massage uses finger pressures on specific points along the
energy pathways or meridians of the body. It is a 15-20 minute massage carried out
fully clothed in a specially designed chair and incorporates over 60 specific
acupressure points. The aim of the massage is to bring relief to headaches, release
tension and improved concentration. Designed to be performed in your office or
workplace but can be carried out anywhere. more info >