Ling Massage Edinburgh

Prices From £70 / Treatment time: 60 mins

Some of the treatment techniques offered by Ling Ling may seem similar to those offered by other practitioners, but look a little closer and you’ll easily spot the differences that set them apart.  The Ling Massage is truly unique, unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.  Surrender your mind and body to the luxurious Ling Massage experience and you will effortlessly enter into a deep state of relaxation.  The Ling Massage sweeps the entire body in a series of movements that is played out more like a synchronized dance than a massage.

You can lie back and marvel at the seamlessly detailed moves, pressures that range from feather light, to firm and medium-to-deep, all of which combine to relieve tension and reduce emotional stress.   Also incorporated in this fantastic massage are gentle rocking movements, muscle stretches and nurturing support, all intended to convey Ling Ling’s inherent peace and simplicity.  Here you have a treatment so all encompassing it can only be described as a total Mind-Body-Spirit experience.  So now you see, at Ling Ling there’s no such thing as a simple massage – it’s perfection or nothing.