Eastern swedish / deep tissue massage

Prices from £40 / Treatment time: 45 – 90 mins

Ling Ling fuses Asian techniques with this Western classic massage to provide a truly unique experience. Swedish massage is probably the best known and most commonly administered type of massage. It can be a soft, slow and gentle, or vigorous, deep and bracing, the particular type dependent upon the customer’s preference.

In general this technique uses five styles of long, flowing strokes: effleurage (a sort of sliding movement), petrissage (a sort of kneading of the muscles), tapotement (a tapping action), friction (working across the muscle fibres) and muscle vibration. The Ling Ling variation comes up with a treatment that will nurture your soul and restore your body by improving blood circulation, promoting relaxation, soothing and easing tense muscles, better allowing your energies to flow. This head-to-toe therapy attunes to your senses and is designed to ease common aches and pains, whilst balancing your body’s energy. So don’t delay, begin your rejuvenation today and be whole again with Ling Ling.