Thai Foot Massage Edinburgh

Prices from £35 / Treatment time: 30 mins

Thai Foot Massage involves massage of the lower legs and feet, a technique in which the therapist uses their hands and also a special bamboo stick.  The process of stretching and massage is intended to open what are known as the body’s Sen energy lines – invisible channels through which it is thought that energy flows, connecting the mind, the body and the spirit. (There are said to be over 70,000 Sen energy lines, but this Thai version follows the 10 main examples. ) The bamboo stick is used specially on the soles of the feet, where focus is placed upon Marma reflex points – junctures in the body where flesh, veins, arteries, tendons, bones and joints meet up, each of which has its own intelligence and consciousness, again to help co-ordinate with the mind and body.  The Marma reflex points located on the feet correspond to the internal organs.

Thai Foot Massage stimulates these points in order to promote general health and well-being.  Not only that, but a Thai Foot Massage is one of the most relaxing rewards your money can buy.  It truly is a hands-on treatment, bound to ease aching muscle and deliver its soothing effect to the whole body.  Centuries of traditional practice have shown this to be a most effective technique, but why not judge for yourself and book a Ling Ling Thai Foot Massage today.